Why So Down On Israel??

There have been several letters to the TC recently in which the authors attempt to make Israel out to be the bad guy in the middle east.  Ron Forthofer tends to write in every so often to detail the atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinians, and recently he yet again calls for us to pressure our government to get Israel under control.   Mr. Forthofer speaks as a very educated gentleman, and his letters to the TC are usually written from a level headed perspective, but he frequently leaves out details that put Israeli responses in much better perspective.  Gary Gansar’s recent response to Forthofer did a superb job of “clarifying” all of Forthofer’s list of grievances, point by point.

More recently, Pierre Ardans wrote to the TC to rebut Mr. Gansar’s “support of the Zionists”.  Generally when one uses the Z word in a letter,  you can bet it is going to have a very anti-Jewish bent, and Mr. Ardans’ letter was no exception.  Among Ardans’ points:

“Now, Israelis occasionally fly over the concentration camp of Gaza to drop bombs, sometimes on military types, but mostly on civilian women and children.”  Really?  Does anyone in their right mind truly believe that the Israeli’s are targeting civilian women and children in any of their offensives?  Certainly there have been women and children killed, but when those launching rockets at you are using homes, schools and other civilian areas as launching grounds, is it any surprise?  Ardans makes it sound like women and children are the intended target, and nothing is farther from the truth.  The true terrorists, as he labels the Israelis, are those using women and children as shields, and that sure isn’t Isareal.

“…we don’t celebrate the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans killed on 9/11. True, we don’t. But the spies sent by Israel to record the event who were using Urban Moving Systems as a cover for their activities certainly did.”  I hate to use the phrase “tinfoil hat”, because it is such an overused cliche so casually thrown around these days as nothing more than a name calling device, but I still can’t help but think it applies here.  If the willful targeting of women and children didn’t make Ardans lose all of his credibility, this Israeli spy comment certainly did the trick.  It amazes me that anyone still actually believes what he’s saying here.

Finally, Ira Chernus writes in with a letter about Hanukka.  I’ve seen his letters before and know where he tends to go with them, but he also appears to be very knowledgeable in such matters and I was interested to get a little history lesson from him.  He did well for about half his letter, until he mentioned that no middle eastern country could even threaten Israel and its mighty nuclear arsenal.  True, Israel could probably make any middle eastern country uninhabitable if it chose to, but to say none of them could (or is attempting to build an arsenal that could) harm Israel is hogwash.  Iran in particular comes to mind.  Never underestimate the power of crazy fanatics in large numbers.

This statement by Chernus, though, got me:  “Even the leaders of Hamas, often called the most militant Palestinian party, have been saying for years that they are ready to have a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, living side by side in peace with Israel.”   Mr. Chernus must have misunderstood the recent statements by Hamas leader Kahled Meshaal when he said “We will never recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation and therefore there is no legitimacy for Israel, no matter how long it will take.”  The leaders of Hamas certainly do not want peace with Israel, regardless of how much Palestinian sympathizers may claim so.  Israel most definitely would like to live in peace, and if given the opportunity (ie. stop lobbing bombs at them into civilian areas for starters), they are not going to go after the Palestinians simply because they want to see their destruction.

It has been sad to see all the anti-Israel rhetoric lately, although the letters stated above all come from people who have held their beliefs for quite some time.  It has been amusing, though, to see the likes of Sean McCoy tweeting recently about his unwavering support for the Palestinians.  He almost seems as out of touch and paranoid as Mr. Ardans, but I suspect he is simply trolling in this case.  The middle east situation is a ticking time bomb, and I fear one day it isn’t going to matter who was right and who was wrong, because the entire region will be trying to recover from a catastrophe that will pale in comparison to Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

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