A Response To Mr. Wray’s Recent Bruising About Giron And Morse

My blogger friend over at Free Range Longmont recently posted about the recall of state senators Giron and Morse.  I highly recommend reading it.  You see, unlike my friend Mr. Wray, I’m all about sharing the opinions of others, even if those opinion tend to be full of references  to erectile dysfunction, sex shops, jerking off, and poop.  Oh, so much poop.  Let everyone see the mindset of the opposition.  In this case, Mr. Wray does a good job of defeating his own cause.

As I’ve had the Word Press police sicked on me in the past for excessive quoting of Mr. Wray’s articles, you’ll just have to follow the above link as I correct nearly every point he makes.  Overlook the first jerking off reference and make your way down to “NRA backed”. NRA supported, sure, but hardly backed (unless you want to say Bloomberg backed the opposition, in which case I’ll give you the NRA), but even then, this effort was as grass-roots as it gets, which I thought was a good thing to those on the left.  Only if it is from the left, eh Mr. Wray? 😉

Jerking off reference number 2 leads us to a phrase that made me smile, considering the source: “vengeful glee”.  Ahh, the left has certainly had their share of that recently, as the past 6 years have not been good ones for the GOP.  But locally, the last Longmont mayoral and City Council elections allowed many of the FRL crowd to display their own vengeful glee, and even two years later, the harassment continues.  Hypocrisy at its finest.   But I expect nothing less.

Next we have the obligatory swipe at Senator Brophy.  Mr. Wray is certainly obsessed with him, so it stands to reason he would take his swipes here.  Believe me, Mr. Wray is watching closely, hoping for something, anything, that he can snag and use against Senator Brophy.  He’ll probably get his chance, as it isn’t hard to twist political statements to suit one’s agenda.  Stay tuned for the update from FRL.  The NSA ain’t got nothing on Mr. Wray’s tracking abilities.

We continue with a list of gun related incidents.  (By the way, I LOVED the line “two road-ragers trade hot lead and end up cold meat”.  Points for cleverness 🙂  ).  The obvious response to all of those incidents is…how would recently enacted Colorado gun laws have stopped any of them?  They wouldn’t, and that is what many of those “gun nuts” have a problem with.  The anti-gun crowd seems to think that they can legislate our way to zero gun crime, but the fact is that the vast majority of gun related incidents take place in spite of strict gun laws (see Chicago for the perfect example).  So while the recall is not necessarily a win for safety (that by itself isn’t going to effect the rate of gun violence), it IS very much a win for common sense.  And the anger was already present before the NRA got involved.  

Pssst….quick tip.  When you use phrases like “orange vested hearts of rural Amurika”, you are displaying your bigotry.  THIS is why I’m happy to share your opinions, because anyone with common sense will see the true character of the source.  Like I said, you’re nuking your own cause. 🙂

Mr. Wray finishes by lamenting that the recall will certainly result in more and worse gun incidents.  Guess time will tell, but any use of a firearm will be twisted into “See???  I told you so!”.  For example, a criminal committing a criminal act who is confronted (and possibly killed) by someone protecting themselves with a gun is a net win IMHO, yet Mr. Wray would add this to his list of “gun incidents that prove we need more gun control laws”.  But like I said, time will tell, and those with common sense will see the truth in the individual incidents.

Finally, no politician will be recalled without the popular support of the public.  “Conservative watchdogs” went after a couple other senators as well, but backed off because they didn’t think they had the public support they needed to succeed.  In other words, those senators arguably were doing the will of their constituents.  If those in Giron’s and Morse’s districts thought those senators were being falsely attacked, they would voted against the recall, but they didn’t.  They weren’t doing the will of the people, and the people felt strongly enough to vote them out.  And that isn’t a bad thing, regardless of how some would characterize that as “scare tactics”.  Interestingly enough, very well funded, and very outside interests were not enough to sway voters to support their people.  How often has Mr. Wray complained about outside interests buying local elections, yet no complaints about outside interests here?   

So Mr. Wray, you will certainly have your days in the sun, as the GOP has a long way to go before people start to realize that many of the democrat party solutions are not sustainable long term (or even short term in some cases).  Your side will win more elections, and those that you hate will lose elections.  But let’s be a big boy and not whine about “vengeful glee” like it is something only Republicans do.  Your complaints ring a little hollow when you, yourself, engage in that very same behavior.

Now, when do we get to hear your “has been mayor” clip again?