The Democrat War On Women

I was checking out an article on a very left leaning blog earlier today.  The article began by describing how difficult women have had it in the past, and it retraced history to show how women gradually fought to acquire rights that should have been theirs from the get go.  Limbaugh even discussed it in his show today, and he played some tunes that featured women singing about how their place was under the thumb of a man and what not.  Such a completely different mindset back then…crazy for those of us who didn’t live in it to even imagine that a time existed where women were essentially treated as second class citizens.

Then I got to the end of this article, and the point seemed to be that Republicans long for that time where they could keep a woman under their thumbs and control her.  It was disappointing to see the article take this turn, because up to that point (aside from the obvious pointed intro), it was a great retelling of history and what women have had to struggle through just to get where they are today.  It occurred to me that there are many democrats (specifically and locally, Kaye Fissinger seems to be one of the most guilty of this) that are trying to paint the generally conservative view of life at conception as an attack on women and all Republican’s desire to control every aspect of a women’s life and body.  It is a much more poignant rallying cry to say that your opponent is against you personal and wants nothing more to control your life, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous.   The truth is much closer to “many conservatives are pro life, and it isn’t right that some conservative entities are being forced to act against their beliefs on contraception and abortion”.   Much like the cries of rampant racism after the Trayvon Martin incident that were artificially created and fanned by the media and those intent on further dividing us, so is this tired use of “the Republican war on women” equally as false and divisive.  The issue is a pro-life one, not a “control of women” one.

Ms. Fissinger also taught me one of my favorite phrases:  Real eyes realize real lies.  And the Republican war on women, as she would say, is a doozy.

Edited to add:  Mary Pitt, I respectfully disagree with your response to the above article.  Most conservatives really do think it is about contraception, not “keeping the uppity women under the thumbs of the patriarchs”.   I’m sorry if you lived that life in the past, but no one is asking you or anyone else to be there again.  Time to let it go and stop trying to create an issue where there really is none.