Boycott ’em All!

I’ve seen a few articles recently calling for boycotts of businesses whose CEO’s made comments about scaling back hours so they wouldn’t be subjected to new healthcare laws.  Recently, Papa John’s and Applebees were in the spotlight, with one particular article almost cheerfully pointing out how business has declined at those restaurants since the election.

People have called for boycotts of these places, but if business gets so bad that stores have to be closed, is that really better for those people working there than it would be otherwise?  I’ve never understood that mentality.  It is the same with striking union workers…wonder how former Hostess employees are feeling just before the holidays?

Is there any question that when the government places more mandates on what an employer HAS to provide to employees, there will be businesses that are going to manipulate things in order to remain profitable?  Certainly there are some “good” businesses that will do all they can to create a good working environment, and that of course is the right thing to do to a point.  But everyone runs their businesses differently, and some feel the need to make sure a more comfortable level of income is attained, which is completely within their rights (or should be).

The beauty of a job is…if you don’t like it, you are free to find another job.  Doesn’t mean it is easy, but no one is holding a gun to your head saying you must work in what you consider miserable conditions.  What you consider miserable, another person may find right in line with what they want.  Employers should have a lot of flexibility to decide what they will provide, and if it isn’t competitive, they will not be in business long.  On the other side of the coin, if they are forced to make concessions that they cannot afford, they will also not be in business long.

In spite of this, I say keep boycotting.  Some of these places were getting too crowded anyway, and maybe a few self righteous activists who decide that they should stay home won’t be such a bad thing for the rest of us.  I could sure go for some breaded mozzarella sticks right now.